The variety of experiences is vast. Here’s one of mine:

The variety of experiences are vast. Here’s one of mine:

I was working in Los Angeles area going door to door all day, talking to people, canvasing neighborhoods. As I was doing so that particular day, I decided at the same time to concentrate on the following request to God, “God, I don’t think I understand your Universal Prime Force [variously named in different traditions] well enough. I need some experience that makes a difference to me, such that I can understand it better.”

In the evening I was waiting for my ride in a bar looking out the window where a short distance away was the corner that the van would arrive at. I decided to play a game of Pac-Man at the machine in the bar that faced such that I could play the game and also see out that window.

I rarely played this game and was not very good at it. Those who played it before know that after 10,000 points you get a bonus Pac-Man making a total of 4. Well the first game I lost all 4 after about 60,000 points. The same happened at the second game.

I put in the quarter for the third game and began playing, but then something happened. Suddenly I found myself coming back to consciousness, still standing there playing Pac-Man. The score was 160,000. I had not even lost one of the 4 Pac-Men. The yellow blob was zipping super fast around the maze, perfectly avoiding getting eaten by the blobs chasing it. My hand was moving automatically with no thought on my part.

But then as I realized what had happened and was still happening, I began to have to think to control my hand that was moving the lever controlling the Pac-Man. I quickly lost all 4 Pac-Men.

This is what had happened. God answered my prayer and showed me His/Her perfect Mind/Body unity and flawless control over Nature that even my human body is a part of. God can and does work through each and everyone of us all the time, above and beyond our current states of consciousness.

Each one of us is like the eye of the bubble floating on the surface of the ocean. The eye is usually looking up at the sky and is not paying attention to the surface of the Ocean, which is the Universal Prime Force or Mother Aspect of God. If the baby goes to sleep or closes its eyes for a minute, the Mother is still there.

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