Summary of Diagram Slide Show: “Intro to Inter-Religious Trees of Life”

         In the 1950’s speeches, Father (Honorific for Rev. Sun Myung Moon – same as how Catholics call the Pope, the Pope) often talked about John 14:6 in which Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no man comes to the Father but by me.” He added that the Way is Love, then put Life next and then the Truth next. In that order, he explained that Love, Life and Truth represent the Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. He elaborated that they always travel together like three perpendicular lines, which he then related to the human body with the head representing God or Love, the Arms representing the Husband and Wife relationship or Life, and then the Legs as the front and back axis representing the sibling relationship of elder and younger, or children and Lineage. This trinity of the three axes became Love, Life and Ideal, and then Love, Life and Lineage. 

But all along Father also talked about the significance of the Conscience and the Original Mind and of course Universal Prime Force, give and take action, Subject and Object, the 4-Position-Foundation, the triple object purpose, origin-division-union, the indirect dominion by the autonomy of the Principle, and the direct dominion of the Love of God, the Foundation of Faith, the Foundation of Substance, and the Foundation to Receive the Messiah, the Principle of Creation, the Fall of Man, and the History of Restoration in mostly a Judeo-Christian context.

But all along also Father talked about unification of religions and that the new truth would include oriental philosophy. 

Father also said at a public speech at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan that one way people can know that he is the Messiah is that his teaching has never changed one iota. 

One time Father looked at me during his talk and said, “Don’t you think that Father gets tired of trying to come up with new ways to say the same old thing?”

So here is where this theme begins to relate to the Spirit World Machine Project assigned by Father to World Research Institute for Science and Technology (WRIST) in 1985 shortly after Father got out of Danbury Prison.

I joined WRIST in 1986 and immediately inquired about the status of this project and learned that the homework assigned by Father was to “study how mediums do what they do.”

To make a long story short, as I pursued that homework over the years since then, I have been led to study what turns out to be the 4-Position-Foundation material in each of the major religions. The fact that it very prominently exists there as the most holy symbolism in each tradition shows by that alone that one God inspired the same basic truth in each religion. This is an exciting and dynamic fact that can help unify religions by inspiring people to investigate this as a common thread running through all the religions.

On May 1, 1998, the 44th Anniversary of HSA-UWC, Father drew the following diagram on the board and then erased it, and a short time later began again.


 Later during the speech he referred again to this diagram and drew it in the air with his hands. This is the video of Father doing that.

Love, Life, Lineage, and

No sooner did I see Father draw this diagram than I realized that this is Father’s version of the Jewish Tree of Life and that Father was reaching out to the Jews through it. At that time also Father gave his interpretation of the 4 letters of the Jewish Most Holy Name of God (YHVH) that could only be pronounced once a year in the the Most Holy Place in the temple and which the proper pronunciation of was lost at the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem about 70 BCE. 

One version of that diagram is this one.


Consequently there is a relationship between Father’s teaching and the Jewish Tree of Life teaching which can be expressed in diagrams somewhat modified for the purpose from Unification Thought and Divine Principle terminology and of course Father’s teaching. This is done like this.

This is Father’s diagram concerning the Original Mind from the 2003 Ambassador’s of Peace Manual in Korea.


Similarly there are Two-Stage Process diagrams of the First and Second Blessings, which when graphically added produce the correlation with the Jewish Tree of Life, like so:


Output of Stage 1 Becomes Input of Stage 2



We can even add a Two Stage Process Diagram of the Third Blessing and it actually can be diagrammed like so to be seen also as a Two Stage Process, which I had a spiritual experience concerning. Three days before this following diagram occurred to me, Dr. Lee’s bright shining face appeared in front of my computer monitor where I worked at MicroSignals in NJ and remained there for 5 minutes.

Unification Thought Type Tree of Life

Consequently the AUM symbol of Hinduism represents 4 states of consciousness and thus maps to the process of the 4-Position-Foundation. In other words, it is an alternative representation of the Three Stage Development of the 4-Position-Foundation, as is the Jewish Tree of Life, as are also the 8 Trigrams of Taoism and Confucianism. Similarly the teaching of Buddhism and also key elements of Islam are represented in the diagrams in my slide show “Intro to Inter-Religious Trees of Life.”

It then becomes apparent that Father’s Love, Life, Lineage, Conscience diagram is also an alternative representation of the Jewish Tree of Life, which in his speech on May 1, 1998 he referred to in the following way. Father started by talking about Universal Prime Force. Then he said, “Universal Prime Force is Feminine. Does it have a womb?” He then proceeded to draw the Love, Life, Lineage, Conscience diagram and moved his hand along the horizontal line of Conscience at the bottom and said, “When God first began to create, he poured out His energy along the horizontal line of Conscience.”

This implies that the 4-Position-Foundation is considered by Father to be The Womb of Universal Prime Force. The + and – in the diagram represent stages of subject – object relationship. The + and – at the top unite and create the next lower level +, which attracts another -. The similar process happens and eventually there are what appear to be three extension cords plugged into each other.

Father used this same analogy to describe how God created Adam first. They united and then Eve was created from the rib of Adam. Then from Eve the children Cain and Abel were created. This process is stepping down the Tree of Life in progressive subject – object relationships. This represents not only the Ideal or Purpose of Creation, but also what was lost at the Fall of Man and then what needs to be restored or recreated by stepping back up from the bottom of the subject-object tree, starting with Cain and Abel, who then find Eve, who then together find Adam, and together they reach the top and find God and the Love of God.

In the comment section in my slide show at I am collecting relevant quotes of major speeches in which Father is directly referring to this same diagram, as though he also drew it on the board – for which it would be important to eventually get the video of in order to demonstrate to people that this is what Father actually teaches. This exact core of Father’s teaching then can comment constructively on the core of other religious traditions and most revered symbolism and processes of spiritual growth and training.

Especially there is the Jan. 1, 1996 Midnight Talk and then True God’s Day Talk in which Father speaks in that manner.

[Excerpt Jan 1, 1996 Midnight]

Because of the Fall of Man, Adam and God lost everything. This has caused agony to both God and humanity throughout history. The vertical order could have continued undisturbed had the Fall not taken place. God, in the position of plus, and Adam, in the position of minus, should have become absolutely one. Then once Adam was in the position of plus, Eve was supposed to be in the position of minus and they were to become one again. Eve, standing in the position of plus as mother, and her children Cain and Abel, should be in the position of minus, and become one with her. As you know the providence of restoration is the providence of recreation.

What is the formula that needs to be applied for the recreation process to occur? The formula of the creation process is that God first created the environment. Second, He created subject and object and third, reciprocal relationship between subject and object. Within the realm of the environment, the subject and object relationship always exists. Therefore, when progress occurs, there is always give and take between plus and minus from the smaller scale to a larger scale. This is how progress takes place. Even in this gathering here today, there is always subject and object relationship operating. Father standing in the position of subject to us all in the position of object.

Within the environment, beginning with the mineral kingdom up through the plant and animal kingdoms, we find plus and minus. Within human beings we find man and woman. Without the subject and object relationship nothing can exist in this world. This is the formula. God in the position of plus, Adam in the position of minus become one. Then Adam in the position of plus, Eve in the position of minus become one. Then Eve in the position of plus, Cain and Abel, as children, in the position of minus become one.

Once Adam and Eve became totally united, then without God’s help they would be able to bring total unity between parents and children. Once Eve in the position of plus and Cain in the position of elder son become one, then without help from God or Adam they can exist because of this formula. The subject and object relationship has been established. Likewise, once Cain and Abel become one, because of the universal formula, they are able to exist. We need to apply this same formula to the restoration of humankind. This original order given by God at the time of creation was destroyed by the Fall. Therefore, in the place of God, Satan came into being. All the figures of the original order were erased. Originally, God was to stand on the top. However, due to the Fall, Satan took the top position. For the purpose of restoration, God had to take the bottom position.


[Excerpt from Jan. 1, 1996 True God’s Day Speech]

It is absolutely true that love, life, lineage and conscience exist within ourselves. However, we don’t feel their existence because they are one with us. They are ourselves. Then where is God? It is true that God is the root of love, life, lineage and conscience. God is stationed at the bottom of the root of love, root of life, root of lineage and root of conscience. God exists there but why don’t we feel Him? Because God is completely one with us along with our love, life, lineage and conscience. Therefore we don’t feel God. If you want to find God, centering upon true love, give away all that you have – love, life, lineage and conscience – to other people, then God will surface.

Offering your love, life, lineage and conscience for the sake of others you will then fall into the position of zero. When you reach zero point you will find God. If this vertically hidden God can be found through offering your sacrificial love, life, lineage and conscience, then horizontally you can make God the center of your love, life, lineage and conscience. Then the subject of love, life, lineage and conscience will be God. Centered upon this harmony, peace, freedom, unification and happiness will all come about. In such a world we don’t need religion. When you pray don’t look up in the sky for God. God is deep within yourself. Therefore you have to look deeply within yourself and ask yourself to form such a degree of love, life, lineage and conscience, like God.

Since conscience belongs to God, it precedes your parents. You are not the owner of conscience. It belongs to God. God stands in the position of the original parent and He is the teacher of all teachers. Yet your conscience precedes God. Your conscience is the owner of all owners. Since your conscience belongs to God, we can say that your conscience is the master owner. If we may say that America is owned by the President, then your conscience precedes the American President and all kings. Therefore, we should conclude that conscience is the most precious gift from God which is more valuable than your parents, more valuable than your teachers and more precious than anything in the whole world. God Himself came into yourself and exists as your conscience.

If, from the beginning of human history, all human beings were educated to respect and follow their conscience more than their parents and kings and queens, then the Fall would never have happened. This is the way that humankind can inherit God’s attributes. Our ancestors did not know this. Because of the ignorance of not understanding the value and the function of conscience, our ancestors were invaded by Satan and the Fall took place. We must know that the love we have within ourselves belongs to God. It is logical to conclude that because of the foundation of having love, life, lineage and conscience upon which God can dwell, it is possible to build an ideal family and eventually ideal nation. Your sexual organ does not belong to you. Your love, life, lineage and conscience do not belong to you. They belong to the universe and to God.

Your love, life, lineage and conscience are like the leaves and branches of the tree. Since God is in the position of the tree, they have the same value as God. If we were to cut off a small twig and put it in the ground, another tree can grow. Do you understand? We are the second God. What can qualify us to become the second God? Our conscience. Your conscience knows everything about you even before God. No matter how insignificant a thing you may do, if you are doing something wrong, your conscience will immediately tell you not to do that. But if you listen to your conscience, even to the smallest degree of advice, then there will be no Fall. You will automatically enter into the Kingdom of God. However, we don’t listen. We go against the advice of our conscience and all manner of social evil is rampant.

Notice then the last part of John 14:6  “, and no one comes to the Father but by me.” can be interpreted as “the Conscience,” whereas the first part, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,” Father already interpreted as “Love, Life and Lineage.”

This is what we are discussing on Saturdays at our small Zoom meeting at 2PM to 3PM EST.
Buddhist Diagram


 Taoist Diagram


And a variety of similar diagrams . . .


Well that’s about it. If you’re interested to stop into our Zoom meeting, you definitely get a chance to say something, as we usually have a short presentation based on the last weeks input and then discussion.

Also I just read Thomas Cromwell’s letter. The answer to the so-called leaders and in particular Japanese Leaders who try to deify True Parents is that Father already declared the member-centered movement on Historical Children’s Day 1981.

Then in Dec. 1990 and Feb. 1991, Father further de-centralized in the two parts of the National Blessed Couples Leaders Conference by declaring that all Blessed Couples are Leaders. 


There are a lot of important clarifications that Father has made over the years, which if people really study Father’s speeches, everyone can know for themselves what Father’s attitude about such things is. Many so called leaders simply don’t understand Divine Principle very well or even listen to what Father says.

Here are a couple clarifications that come to mind . . .

[Excerpt from A Day When We Welcome the Blessing 9/22/1978 Kamikura Japan in the Book God’s Will and the World ]

 Japanese leaders aren’t you teaching a principle that I do not teach, when you say, “I am Abel because I am a church leader. You are Cain. Cain obeys Abel. This is the Principle. So obey.” There is no such principle. The person who does not fulfill his mission and become the embodiment of love is not Abel.

People automatically and naturally bow before the power of love. The same holds true on the family, clan or tribal level. So if the Unification movement is the Abel movement on the world level, it must gain victory by shedding blood on the world level, and it must gain Satan’s signature on the certificate of victory. Only then can the Unification movement become the Abel on the world level for the first time.


[Excerpt Jan 1, 1977 Midnight ]

When you come to the New Yorker, do you think, “I’m going to stay overnight here. This is Rev. Moon’s house.” Or do you think, “This is my home, our home.” The second view is true. That’s why you are crazy, living in the world’s biggest house, right? But that’s true, it is your home. Who made it so? I taught you, but did I make you fill out a form so you would feel this is your home? No, the source of power is not in me. It is in God. The power of God is making you feel at home. I only serve as a channel for that power to flow from Him to you. I as a person cannot manipulate such a magnetic force. I myself have nothing to do with it. It is the power of God, the nature of God’s force flowing through me. I merely set the condition, and the dynamic, universal force of love flows through me to be conveyed to all mankind. It is like spring coming in March and April when the entire world warms up all of a sudden. You don’t know where the power came from, but spring definitely is there, and flowers come up, and the breeze begins to play, and the birds to sing. That power goes beyond the global level of the earth. It goes all the way to the cosmic level. That power has no limit, no end. This force of love goes beyond time and space.

However, I do not control time and space. Only God can control it. Do you think God has a watch and timetable to count time and limit space? The power that is manifested through me to the Unification Church is the power of God. No other person, no other universal force could do that. Even Satan could not do that. Actually, this most determined energy is God trying to fulfill His desire to see one perfected family here on earth. The Kingdom of God here on earth is not going to be manufactured by man’s hands. God is going to bring it about once we manifest ourselves as instruments of God.

This morning’s message is dwelling on the topic of the Kingdom of God on Earth and the Ideal Family. Why the ideal family? Because the ideal family is the key to the realization of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Without the ideal family as a building block there can be no Kingdom of God.


Best Regards,

Peter Nordquist