Developing Thoughts

Heung Jin Nim’s Face – A Blue Lightning Flash – the words Blue, Diamond, Ceramic, Thought, Clay . . .

Diamond corresponds to Fire, Ceramic corresponds to Air, Thought corresponds to Water, and Clay corresponds to Earth. But what about Blue? Blue corresponds to purpose that establishes the subject and object necessary to fulfill the purpose. The subject and object then have give and take action and produce a force. Diamond is the subject, Ceramic is the object, and Thought is the force that moves the body – the Clay. This is co-creation. It doesn’t exist yet until it is purposed or intended or needed and then goes through the process of creation. It doesn’t already exist, but it will once you create it.

The usual formula is that Fire plus Air plus Water produce Earth. And I suppose that the Blue as purpose is what produces Fire and Air. Blue, Diamond, Ceramic, Thought, and Clay perhaps correspond to the Five Elements of Oriental Philosophy , and of course to the five fingers of either hand.