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Excerpt: Unification Theology – The Reality and Nature of God by Dr. Young Oon Kim

Let us now look at another aspect of the Divine nature. In the Old Testament, Judaism emphasized the importance of an individual’s ties to his family and his nation. No one, the Jews insist, comes into God’s presence alone. When you find yourself with God, you discover that you are always with other people. Hence, God is never a private God. When He is your Heavenly Father, He is always “Our Father” at the same time. In other words, man lives in togetherness with others. No one is supposed to exist in isolation. Ultimately, God is not really interested in us as individuals. He is primarily interested in us as part of a larger community. As persons we constitute a unique network of relationships. We discover God in and through those relationships. In relating to one another on the most personal level we also encounter God. We should never think, I am what I am. Actually, I am because of you. All that I am is determined by what others are. We have our being in community.

Nevertheless, Unification theology goes far beyond a religion based upon social solidarity. Even though God is always our universal Father, it is possible to have a very private relationship with Him. A theology of polarity makes love central. Reinhold Niebuhr insisted that love is and has to be limited to direct person-to-person contacts. We simply cannot relate to a whole group with the closeness experienced toward specific individuals. 28 So our fellowship with God can be and should be based upon heart-to-heart contacts. That is why our likeness to God has been compared to the oneness of a husband and wife.

Look at this problem from another angle. When we first define the nature of God we usually describe Him as the Creator. He is God because He is the maker of heaven and earth. Or to quote Divine Principle, God is the universal prime energy. For this reason Tillich defines God as “the ground of being.” He is the creative source of everything which exists. According to Unification theology, God is more than simply the perpetual, self-generating energy which brings the whole creation into existence and is responsible for its maintenance.

Unification theology specifically reaffirms the very personal nature of God. When seen from the inside, our universe reveals the existence of a God of heart. God is not just “a Power that makes for righteousness,” 29 Not simply “the unmoved Mover” of Aristotle’s metaphysics. Not omnipotent Will. Not cosmic orderliness and natural law. Even if all of these terms tell us something about God, they do not point out His most important characteristic: the divine heart.

In our time, many religious people find it difficult to accept the idea that God is personal. “Isn’t that too anthropomorphic?” they ask. Because we are persons we try to remake the whole vast universe in a human image. Surely the nature of the cosmic process is as far superior to men’s understanding of it as an elephant’s view is different from that of an ant. What right then do we have to measure the universe by our petty human standards?

Suppose we grant that God’s nature is far more exalted than our own. We still have to measure Him by the highest we know. When we describe God as a person, we are admitting that He is like the best we can imagine. 30 By contrast, those who deny the personality of God often tend to explain His nature in less than human terms: as an impersonal cosmic force, for example.

Once we decide to ascribe to God qualities like our own, we face another problem. What human characteristics are the best? Since the time of the ancient Greek philosophers, man’s nobility has been defined in terms of his reason. Reason makes us akin to the gods, it was said. But this is a highly intellectualist definition of the self. Isn’t there something greater about man than his ability to think?

Divine Principle claims that the heart is more fundamental than the mind. It is not so much what we think but how we feel that makes a man truly human. We are praised or judged by the depth and range of our emotions rather than how much we know. For this reason, the New Testament puts love at the top of the list of virtues, even higher up than faith.

Of the great modern Protestant theologians, Schleiennacher stressed the religion of heart. For him faith is not doctrine as the Lutheran scholastics claimed, nor is it simply ethics as Kant maintained. Faith is a warm living relationship between man and God. Religion is the intuition and feeling of absolute dependence, the experience of God-consciousness and becoming one with the infinite in the midst of the finite. 31

If the heart symbolizes the inner core of human personality, then God should be thought of in similar terms. Above all else, He is a God of heart. What does this mean? It means that our understanding of God must be based on an appreciation of human feelings. God feels at least as deeply as we feel. He is at least as sensitive to what goes on in the world as we are. If He is a God of heart, then He experiences the whole range of emotions from loneliness and intense grief to wonderful joy. If He is forgiving, He is also wounded by pain. God can love and express righteous indignation. Consequently, because God is a God of heart, He must be profoundly affected by everything which takes place in His creation.

This explains why Unification thought, like process theology, refuses to define God as simply almighty and all-knowing. 32 The conventional meanings of these attributes ignore the fact of polarity. God is not omnipotent. His power is far greater than man’s but it is limited by His own nature and His cosmic laws. God is not free to violate His essential relatedness because that is part of His very being. Also, man was created in such a way that he can restrict God’s purpose. Our responsiveness can determine the effectiveness of God’s acts in history. As Jesus showed, if a man does not have faith even God cannot heal his sickness. Man’s response to the divine initiative can either frustrate or bring to fruition the intent of God. God’s will can be hindered for a time when we do not act responsibly. However, we can be certain that God will ultimately triumph. His method of persuasion will eventually win men over to His side so that the purpose of creation will be realized.

Nor is God completely all-knowing. His omniscience, like His omnipotence, has to be qualified by man’s free will. God does not know everything that will happen because even though He wills some result it cannot take place if we do not cooperate. Yet God is omniscient in one very important respect. He knows all possibilities. Nothing we may do ever surprises Him. 33

Most of the world’s great faiths have given some recognition to the heart of God. One can find it expressed in Hasidic Judaism, Sufi Islam, bhakti Hinduism and some forms of Mahayana Buddhism. At the same time modern religions have often opposed belief in the God of heart in the name of reason or divine transcendence. Therefore by highlighting the centrality of heart in our understanding of God and man, Divine Principle makes a profound contribution to modern theology.

About the Author, Dr. Young Oon Kim

Dr. Young Oon Kim was born in 1915 on Hwang-Hae Island in Korea. After she graduated in Theology from Kanzai University in Japan she became professor of Christology at Ewha Woman’s University in Seoul. In 1948 she received a Master’s degree in Theology from Emanuel College, Toronto University and in December of the same year an Honorary Doctor’s degree in Humanism from Richard College.

From 1975 on she taught Systematic Theology at the Graduate School of the Unification Theological Seminary in Barrytown, New York [and later at the Sung Hwa Theological Seminary in Korea]. Some of her most important publications are: Unification Theology and Christian Thought, Divine Principle and its Application, World Religions Volume I, II, and III, Unification Theology, An Introduction to Theology, and The Types of Modern Theology.

About Jesus, Christianity and the Family of God

[The following is a wonderful excerpt from a Sunday Sermon given by Rev. Sun Myung Moon on Sept. 20, 1992 in New York. The link to the complete talk is at the end.]

It may be easy to say that Father should love Cain first and then Abel, but human beings are simply not built that way. Also Father must be able to deeply care about the women in the Unification Church in his heart and do that more than he loved his own wife when he married Mother. The same is true for America, too. You may be indifferent to it, but it is a very important nation. So you must love Cain more than Abel. It is not easy. It is like dying, but you have to do it, and so does the mother in loving the stepchildren first.

God gave His own son in order to restore all those who were enemies to Him. God did that Himself. Therefore He can tell us, “Love thy enemy.” That’s why Jesus was the greatest in history. Those whom he tried to love the most were the ones who pierced him, and he still said, “Do not blame them because they do not know what they are doing.” We must understand Jesus’ heart to restore God’s peace, God’s family peace. This was the only way, so Jesus did it. He did it for the sake of God’s family. We must understand what he did, what is great in reality, and do the same things for the same reasons. We have to understand the reasons why he loved the enemy. He did it to preserve God’s family.

We understand how this applies. If you fail in a marriage but you already have a child, and then you marry for the second time, you will bring your son or daughter to a new husband. If his family does not welcome you and your child, how difficult would your life be? God is exactly the same. We must understand that we must love. This is only possible because of God. It is very important that we hear and understand this. It is easy to hear the words, but do you really understand it? Maybe you do understand it, but then it has to simmer in, sink down into yourself. Correct? You have to listen and listen again with seriousness so that you can seriously understand, not superficially understand.

This is why the early Christians had to leave their homes and go out to foreign countries and evangelize. Then the people listened to them. But people in their own homes didn’t listen to them. Rome was Jesus’ enemy. Do you know why we say love your enemy? It is because there are lots of stepchildren who came about, so how can God accommodate them if He does not teach them how to love their enemy and help them practice doing that? So at this last Blessing, I really did not discriminate. The Blessing was not given only to Unification Church members. I wanted to give the Blessing to members and non-members. I extended the love of the family to non-family. Then they became family. (Applause)

So we must understand that Father is representing all the children of God, and the perfection of heart. He is like the king on the throne, the center of all the children, which is what all mankind is. Including Father and everyone of us, all mankind, has everything to do with God, and nothing to do with Satan. Here Father stands as the one who represents all the good brother and sister relationships, as well as the most perfected man and the most perfected heart of a husband. In other words, he should be the best husband in the whole world. When this is materialized, would Mother be a happy or an unhappy woman? (Happy.) Should Father stand in a position where Mother can frown and say, “You are not a good enough husband”? Or should I treat her in such a way that she can always say, “You are the best one. I respect you.” That kind of father and husband is what I should be. Actually, I have to become such that Mother, whenever her mouth opens in spite of herself, starts praising her husband. Everywhere she goes, she wants to brag and talk about her husband. When she became a grandmother, she wanted to speak about her husband even more and be even more proud.

Father also has a reason to be proud of Mother. Representing all of mankind, she obeyed Father more than any woman here on earth. I am now in a position which God has long been desiring to see and I am bequeathing that to all men and women, allowing them to become sons and daughters of God. God created man and woman to be that way in the original Blessing. Now that mankind has come under Him, He wants to give man the power of creation too. When man is perfected, he can realize God’s heart. To share that feeling, God gives parents sons and daughters. Of course you always have the original text, but pay attention to this, and engrave it in your heart and in your mind. Do not forget it.

(Father draws for a while on the board.) This is the four position foundation. This is God and God has mind and body but it is invisible. He has to deploy His own self in His own image through a visible self, namely sons and daughters. In doing this, one is plus and one is minus. They have a relationship of plus and minus. For this to happen, a person in the position of plus must first deny themselves. If someone is a plus here on earth, he cannot become a plus in spirit world. Therefore, on earth he must become a minus, then he will become a plus in heaven. That is on the heartistic realm. That means that here on earth, if we live almost miserably, serving all mankind and everybody here, then when you go to the other world, spirit world, heaven, you will be raised up to the highest point, depending on how low you were here. This happens by living for the sake of others.

This is highly conceptual, but if a man loves a woman very much, the woman will love him so much so that there is a way for him to go directly to heaven. There is more than one way to go. That’s the Kingdom of Heaven-you can go many ways. By the same token, she can do this. We must understand that what we experience here and what we will experience there are not the same as we think. If we live here as a millionaire, do you think we will also live like a millionaire up there? No. Usually, it is reversed. Why? Because if we don’t live for the sake of other people, how can we go up high in the spirit world? Do you follow? The ordinary person doesn’t understand that.

America, in other words, the West, is kind of plus here on earth today. Since they are a plus, they cannot go here and become a plus. They are already a plus here, so they have to go to a minus position. Then they can go to plus even if they go to spirit world. Once you reach up high, you’ve got to find carefully where your low position is. You have to find it and go down. The only way is that low position, not a high position. That is the rhythm of all life. First you have to come low before you become high. When you go high, then you must always come down low. If we live here on earth for the sake of other people, we will go so much higher in the spirit world. That’s what the essence is.

This is God, this is children (pointing to blackboard). That is, Adam and Eve. The reciprocal subject and object ideal is here. Here is an individual. Here they are a pair, but here is an individual. That means when Adam was born as a boy or as a man-to-be, he goes his own way. By the same token, Eve has her own path to follow as she is growing up. Adam and Eve do not go by themselves. They have to bring their parents along with them. This is important for everyone. After each person is born, he or she has to go through the stage of the true brothers and sisters. They must become a true brother and sister, a good brother and sister. Do any parents want to see their sons and daughters fighting with one another? That is the most painful thing. Actually, the parents’ heart wants to see the brothers and sisters loving one another even more than they love their parents. The same is true of the animal world. Animal parents don’t want their children to fight. What about here in America? Of course, we got so individualistic, it’s hard for us to understand this.

This is the original formula. We are born as children. Then we must first become good brothers and sisters, always keeping God in mind. You should not forget God. No matter what they do, good or bad, they have to keep God in mind always while they are growing up. As they grow from small children, getting older and older, they develop not only their children’s heartistic attitude toward their parents but also their heartistic position as brothers and sisters. They soon come to play two roles, that of children and that of brothers and sisters. Why is that so important? You might think that these are just a few childhood years, but they are very important. While we are growing in our family, we have to have rigid, perfect training. There are hundreds of millions of families in the world. Unless you are accustomed to correct relationships within the family, you cannot relate to all of them peacefully.

So we can now categorize these relationships. The love between parents and children is vertical love. The love between husband and wife is that of left and right, or horizontal. And the love between brothers and sisters is that of front and rear. All of those comprise a sphere, correct? Our heartistic training is supposed to lead us to perfection. Therefore, the family is indeed the training ground, the perfect textbook. It is the textbook of father, the textbook of mother and the textbook of brothers and sisters, all four different kinds of relationships.

Of course, that expands into the world with the grandfather’s heartistic world, the grandsons, and in-laws, stepsons and daughters, uncles and aunts. Extended family relationships reflect your attitude toward the rest of mankind.

I have just outlined the basic kinds of relationships there are and what kinds of attitudes you should maintain in those relationships. When you pass this, and when you pass this extended application, you will become a person about whom God can say to others, “You should learn from him. He is the typical example of My love.”

That means I, too, must be able to look at the elderly grandfathers and grandmothers here in America and really feel the same kind of affection, the same love, even stronger toward these grandparents, than towards my own grandparents. I should look at them as my own father and mother. Likewise, in all different age groups, I feel the extension of my own family. When that is the case, I would have passed all the tests of God and everybody would try to follow my example. I have the confidence that if God told me, “I want you to take that shabbiest, most unappealing old grandmother into your home and take care of her as your own grandmother. That’s your grandmother” I would obey. I would treat her better than my own grandmother. By the same token, those who are the age of my own parents, if God told me to take care of somebody, I would be ready to do it, no matter how difficult it might be.

If True Mother had been a black woman, rather than a Korean, would I have loved her any less? No, it doesn’t matter what her race or culture is, I must love the woman in Mother’s position the most. Whenever I see a black brother or sister, I think, “Oh, that person’s ancestors went off many, many generations ago and lived in a very hot climate and became dark-skinned, but they are my kinfolk. How much difficulty they must have gone through generation after generation!” Because of this basic heartistic attitude and understanding and willingness, the Unification Church can have successful international marriages. If you don’t understand this basic attitude, then this is meaningless.

So the son and daughter grow, brother and sister becoming bigger and more mature. Adam is the one who is to be the perfected son, and Eve is the one who is to be the perfected daughter. Both were children of God. Adam was to grow up to be in the elder brother’s position, and Eve was in the younger sister’s position. After mastering the heartistic relationship as a son and daughter to the parents, then as brother and sister to one another, they would have been ready to become husband and wife, heartistically ready for that level of relationship between husband and a wife.

We must understand, not everybody is qualified to become a husband and wife just because they grow up to be a man and a woman. Only God’s son and daughter are allowed to become husband and wife. In order to become God’s, not Satan’s, son and daughter, we have to experience the other levels of relationship before becoming husband and wife.

Why have I mentioned this in such an elaborate way? Because here are American women who think, “Well, I am a woman and therefore I am entitled to have a husband.” But that is not the case at all. Have you loved your parents according to God’s heavenly way? Have you loved your brothers and sisters in a heavenly way? Are you prepared to love your husband in a heavenly way? There is only one Adam and one Eve. Another example of what American women say is, “Oh, there are millions of people I can choose from, or Father can choose from.” No, no, there is only one Adam and one Eve. There is no other possibility. If you meet your husband, he is your Adam. There is no second runner-up, there is no alternative.

Here there is no spouse (pointing to area of blackboard) or no plus and minus, subject and object relationship. We go from one extreme to another extreme, one direction to another. This is East and this is West. There is no spouse. This is single. All are single until they get married. So it is a big task for us to become dual characteristics, like God. God has dual characteristics, both man and woman’s characteristics. Each man has woman’s characteristics, as well.

Adam might have tremendous aspirations and ambitions, no matter what. Maybe in Adam’s time, if there had been such a possibility, he would have gone on to get a Ph.D. Whatever he might do, his ultimate requirement is that he has to find a wife, get married to another person. Adam and Eve actually didn’t think about one another as husband and wife. They were independent of each other. The love of parents was more superior for them. Anyway, they never thought about getting married. After a while, it dawned on Adam that perhaps he could take Eve as his wife, after observing nature and seeing that everything in nature comes in pairs. That’s how they gradually came to think, “Maybe she/he is meant to be my mate.” Then later they came to realize, “It must be.” As they grew it became clear.

When they approach this level of maturity, when they are about ready to be Blessed in marriage by God, the vertical line shortens up and God comes down here also. Adam and Eve come up and toward that one focal point. And where should Adam and Eve meet? You may think, here, or here or that any point on this line would be okay. But that is not so. Adam and Eve have to meet right here at the center. There is no other point. That’s why they are ninety degrees. By doing that, there is the most natural approach. There is no loss. That’s the most effective, most economical way. It’s a shortcut all around. That is the ideal, that is ninety degrees.

If you envision that in the sphere, then the twelve independent pieces will still make a perfect sphere, no matter which piece you may fit in which position. Everybody likes this one position, God likes it, father and mother like it, children like it, brothers and sisters like it. When a husband and wife spend their first night together, God comes down right here and with them, forms a nuclei. This is the settling point of the love of all positions. The parent’s love and parent’s position is here, children’s love and children’s position is here, the couple’s position is here; the focus of all love settles down from this point on and God becomes the center, the nuclei.

This is what God intended: the culminating point of His ideal of creation. From here, everything is connected and extended in all directions. We can see a tremendous multiplication which will form a world full of billions of people. Therefore it is very natural and we cannot deny, that in order to reach that point, mind and body must become one or else we just cannot serve the purpose. To serve True Love, mind and body must have complete unification. The upper sphere, lower sphere, the right sphere, left sphere, front sphere and rear sphere, completely combine centered on True Love. It’s true. Therefore it is a tremendous pride and privilege to have sons and daughters because we have to have this rigid standard of God’s love before we are allowed to have children. It is the original standard, the original attitude of God’s position. God gave all things this ability as He made the creation. How enjoyable it was to be in Adam’s position! God wanted to give them His same feeling of joy, that is the position to be a couple and to bear children. Now you are experiencing God’s position.

Father looked for the truth and he was amazed to finally realize that there was nothing God did not give to everybody. Everybody had and has the potential to experience God’s position himself. There is nothing God reserved for Himself. You want your truly loving father and truly loving mother to be a king and queen, don’t you? Everybody answers the same, Yes! Yes! Emphatically you would answer, “I want my father to be king.” You also want your grandfather and grandmother to become a king and queen, don’t you? And also, you want your spouse to become a king and you become a queen. You want that, don’t you? How about your children? It is the same answer. That is the privilege God bestowed to all mankind, all children, without exception. You are rightfully eligible to have that. If Adam and Eve didn’t fall, God would have been the king Himself. The king’s son and daughter are a prince and princess, aren’t they? Literally Adam and Eve would have been that prince and princess, on the way to becoming king and queen one day. This is not just thought, but reality.

When they succeeded in growing up in a good manner and became husband and wife and king and queen, only one nation under God would have existed throughout millions of generations. There never would have been two countries or three countries, or like today when we see hundreds of countries. Should there have been one country or two countries? (One.) Would America exist as it does today? No. It would have been a part of God’s country. One country would exist centered on Adam’s culture. One culture, one country; one kingship country. The citizens or subjects would all be royal families, deployed everywhere centering on one center. They would become the so-called population.

Now Father is telling us the concept of king and queen is not so distant. We can see already, we must be kings and queens because our parents are kings and queens. We are the offspring of kings and queens and eventually we will be too. This is literally how God created. How different it is: what we are today and what we are supposed to be!

Proof by Rearrangement

After studying Euclid’s Elements for a day or two, I realized how, 2400 years ago, they might have approached the proof of what I have taken the liberty of calling NordaVinci’s Formula for the Area of a Right Triangle – until if and when the rightful owner of this formula emerges as someone in history who noticed it before I did, which is becoming harder and harder to believe that there wasn’t at least someone in the last 2400 or more years.

Looking at the famous Proposition 47 of Book I of Euclid, which is basically the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem, I realized that it’s very simple, once one asks the question to realize that R(H + R) = X(H – X) would be immediately recognized 2,400 years ago as the dimensions of two rectangles whose areas are equal but with differently proportioned sides. R being the radius of the inscribed circle, H being the hypotenuse and X and H- X being the segments of the hypotenuse from the tangent point to the hypotenuse of the inscribed circle.

By cutting out the 6 inner right triangles and rearranging them around the rectangle formed by the two segments of the hypotenuse, a second bigger rectangle is formed whose edges are equal to the two legs of the bigger right triangle, the product of which is twice the area of the bigger right triangle. Thus it simply must be that the product of the two segments of the hypotenuse also equal the area of the bigger right triangle.

At First Glance – 2400 Year Old Problem Solved: Philo’s Line Construction With Unmarked Straightedge and a Compass

It looks like Philo’s Line can be drawn as below, using only a straightedge and a compass, by virtue of knowing NordaVinci’s Formula for the Area of a Right Triangle, which can be used to show that the two tangent points 1) the inscribed circle tangent point to the hypotenuse, and 2) the escribed circle tangent point to the hypotenuse, are equidistant from the endpoints of the hypotenuse on each end.

Dumbfounding! Amazing! and Flabbergasting!

“Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s another giant step forward in the history of trigonometry!

It comes right on the heels of NordaVinci’s Formula for the Area of a Right Triangle! We have just noticed, ladies and gentlemen, that not only the inscribed circle of a right triangle, but also the escribed circle of the same right triangle, are tangent to the hypotenuse at points that are equidistant from the center of the circumscribed circle of the same right triangle!

That might have been noticed before! But I didn’t notice it before! Now that I have, we also have to realize, that the two tangent points, one on the inscribed circle and one on the escribed circle are also the same distance from the two vertices of the right triangle that constitute the endpoints of the diameter of the circumscribed circle. (see picture)

Then there is the the further amazing fact of NordaVinci’s Formula for the Area of a Right Triangle being applied not only with respect to the tangent point of the inscribed circle, but also to the tangent point of the escribed circle!

Both tangent points serve the same function in that they divide the hypotenuse into two line segments, the product of whose lengths is the area of the right triangle!

Further interesting, and a previously recorded fact, is that the radius of the escribed circle opposite the right angle is equal to the inscribed circle radius plus the hypotenuse, which is none other than the famous semiperimeter of the right triangle, meaning obviously that the product of the inscribed radius and the escribed radius (the one just mentioned) is also equal to the area of the right triangle!

Dumbfounding! Amazing! and Flabbergasting!

Lost Theorem: Hint

I call it “NordaVinci’s Formula.” Here it is R(R + H) = X(H – X).

By the way, I discovered a new, previously completely unknown formula for the area of a right triangle. I call it “NordaVinci’s Formula.” Here it is R(R + H) = X(H – X). Here’s a link to my “NordaVinci’s Cat” poster with the Cat thinking about the derivation of NordaVinci’s Formula, that you can purchase for $20 – the poster, not the Cat. Be one of the first in the world to know something about the Right Triangle that is not in the Elements of Euclid Math Book or any other Math Book in Human History! Be one of the first to be able to brag to your trigonometry teacher that you know something that he or she doesn’t know about the area of a right triangle! Sell the poster to your teacher for only $30. Profits are for a non-profit group involving math, science and technology!

NordaVinci’s Formula is not simpler. That’s what kept it hidden for these many thousands of years – nobody cared, nobody needed to know it, and there was a simpler formula.

The interesting thing is that when I began to investigate, thinking that this must be common knowledge and I can’t imagine that I am the first person in recorded human history to notice this, I went to mathworld online reference and noticed in the footnotes the mention of Baker from 1884 who had collected a list of 130 different formulas for the area of a triangle, none of which is NordaVinci’s Formula.


Baker, M. “A Collection of Formulæ for the Area of a Plane Triangle.” Ann. Math. 1, 134-138, 1884.

I sent questions to some experts who didn’t bother to respond as of yet, and unless I pay somebody a few thousand dollars to do a literature search of extant scholarly journals, I won’t know if anyone in the world today ever wrote about this as something that was already discovered.

The brief point of NordaVinci’s Formula that was unknown is the right side of the equation. The left side was known already and easy to see from the diagram. The right side is simply X(H-X), which was unknown as the Area of a Right Triangle. That means that the tangent point of the inscribed circle to the hypotenuse, divides the hypotenuse into two line segments, of which the product of their lengths equals the area of the triangle.

That’s the actual contribution to the History of Trigonometry, that was lurking there just waiting to be discovered, waving its hand in the air, shouting, “Here I am!!!”

But nobody until me noticed it, apparently.

NordaVinci's Cat3

Spiritual Times of Glens Falls

[9/11 prophesied in 1985]

I have a spiritual son named Jon Hildreth in Glens Falls, NY, my hometown, where I now live. He was born in 1974, the year I joined the UC. He and his whole family are quite spiritual and attended the First Baptist Church of Glens Falls, the church that I also grew up in and taught Sunday School at when I was in the 12th grade.

Jon had a spiritual visitor who came into his room at night when he was growing up. His older sister, who was about 16 at the time that Jon was 10, claims that she could hear two voices through the wall separating her room from Jon’s. This visitor was not just a dream or a vision that only Jon could see and hear.

The visitor told Jon to wait until the two towers fell and that then he would meet a man named David, dressed in blue, who would give him a scroll.

Over the years when I was sometimes in my hometown, I would visit my First Baptist Church on Sunday. When I first joined, I prayed that Rev. A. King Wise who had pastored the church and had died in the 1960’s be able to study Divine Principle in the spirit world. In my dream at night I gave him a Divine Principle book. A couple years later, he returned in my dream and gave the book back to me, saying that he didn’t understand it.

Then in the late 1990’s I had a vision of the official big picture of Rev. Wise that remained in front of me for about 5 minutes. Taking this as a sign that he now understood Divine Principle, I attended more regularly the First Baptist Church.

Then after 9/11 while at a church meeting there, I met Jon Hildreth for the first time. He is the church historian. I had my blue suit on and a Divine Principle book in my hand and some of my comparative religion Tree of Life diagrams. He responded quite well and I gave him the Divine Principle book and told him that it might take him 40 years to accomplish his mission.

He is quite a spiritual brother as I said before, who also sees auras. So in conclusion, even though I am not named David, I was dressed in blue and gave him a scroll – the Divine Principle.

Also to point it out again, in case you missed it in the above narrative, Jon was 10 years old in 1985, when his spiritual visitor told him to “wait until the two towers fell, and then he would meet a man named David dressed in blue who would give him a scroll.” This was a prophecy given to him in 1985, while Rev. Moon Sung Myung was in Danbury Prison, that the World Trade Center would be destroyed.

Here’s a somewhat blurry photo of Jon and me at the First Baptist Church in Glens Falls NY around that time, with me wearing my blue suit.

Peter Nordquist with Jon Hildreth at the First Baptist Church of Glens Falls, NY

Rev. A.King Wise: Sermons

This book of Rev. Wise’s excellent sermons was compiled by Rev. Calvin C. Wilson after Rev. Wise’s passing on Sept. 18, 1967 (born 1920). Exactly 7 years later, Rev. Moon, Sung-Myung delivered the sermon “The New Future of Christianity” to over 20,000 people at Madison Square Garden.

As is sometimes the case with the premature departure to the eternal world of the spirit, Rev. Wise’s illness and death at 47, leaving his wife and young children behind, perhaps constituted some small indemnity condition for American Christianity to hear God’s message to revive America, delivered on that day by Rev. Moon. His message closed with an earnest request to pray and ask God directly to “know if Reverend Moon is telling the truth.”


Ladies and gentlemen, I have come here to Madison Square Garden tonight in obedience to God’s command. The Bible says: And in the last days it shall be, God declares, that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams.’ (Acts 2:17)

We are living in such an extraordinary time, at the birth of a new age! Heaven is quite near. And if you earnestly call upon God, He will answer you.

You must urgently ask Him, “How can I know if Reverend Moon is telling the truth?” Do not let me or anyone else answer that question for you. Let God answer you directly.
So go in peace, and please ask God earnestly, sincerely. Confront God in prayer. God will reveal the answer to you.

The new hope for mankind is the Messiah. And that “great and terrible day of the Lord” is at hand. It is up to you whether that day will be great or terrible. If you meet the Messiah, for you that day will be great. But if you fail to meet him, then for you that day will indeed be terrible.

God bless you. Thank you for your attentive listening.

Why Would Conscience Be Higher Than Love?

I had another thought about the included diagram related to Rev. Moon having said that between “Love” and “Conscience”, it is Conscience that is a little bit higher than Love. Why would that be, exactly?

The answer might be related to the following observation from Rev. Moon’s words in the speech [9/23/1979]”Men of God:”

“For God, life comes first because first He existed and then He expressed love. But for man, love comes first. Love was the origin of man.”

[My Reflection]
Since God existed in the environment of the highest realm of heart which does not develop (identity maintaining 2 stage process centered on heart), before creating anything, and before having matured or grown up, then the highest realm of heart which never changes as the environment provided a standard that God’s Conscience used to compare to and to navigate along the path or train track of the Principle – thus Conscience is similar to if not identical to “the Autonomy of the Principle” that guides spiritual growth during the growth period, or the Indirect Dominion Through the Autonomy of the Principle.

Conscience thus allowed God to grow up to become the Creator God who creates through the two-stage process of the Developing 4-Position-Foundations [Inner and Outer] centering on the Purpose of Creation, which is . . . Love – such that there could even be such a thing as the 4th Stage of returning to one body with God, also known as The Direct Dominion of the Love of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Parents’ Day Address
April 15, 1991
World Mission Center in New York City
Translator Dr. Bo Hi Pak

So there is God. Let’s say that God is almighty. If almighty God is thinking eternal lasting peace and happiness, He must have devised something other than those items. He must be thinking much more deeply about something that will not endanger or threaten human tranquility and life. What is the most precious thing in human history? Conscience is the most precious, because conscience is the origin of life. Centered upon conscience we can talk about love; and a new element of love comes in.

Throughout history, conscience is also connected to the lineage. Conscience is such a precious treasure for human lives. The conscience is invisible. You have life don’t you? (Yes!) Is it your life? Or whose life is it? (God’s) Universal life or your own private life, what do you think? (Universal). Your mind and body, especially your conscience, belongs to the universe; because it is coming from within the root in the universe it is sharing the root. You ask your conscience, “What kind of ancestor would you like to have? Would you like to have your own father and grandfather, or country or nation and tribe that kind of ancestor would you like to have? Or would like to have a universal ancestor?” Your conscience would respond, “Universal, absolutely. Why don’t I belong to the universe and a universal being?” …

Then what? What is number two then? I don’t know; I’m asking you. I want to hear your answer. What is number two? Number two is love. Conscience is number one, love is number two. The next most important element is love; but love and conscience are virtually one, because conscience exists in love and love exists in conscience. They are working together in one harmony, trying to be number one. Do you know how much love you need? Can you see love? Let me see your love. No one can see the love reality. Love action is a phenomenon. The essence of love cannot be seen; only love can be identified through the phenomenon. It appears through certain loving action. Through action, love can be manifested. …

We came to the conclusion therefore that the root of conscience is Almighty God and that conscience’s goal is love. Love will create all kinds of harmony, all kinds of beauty, all kinds of goodness, all kinds of happiness. Love is so flexible that it can turn and bring the front and rear into one, left and right into one, up and down into one, it’s almost like Disneyland. There is so much turning, riding, going in all kinds of directions with everybody riding in and enjoying the many different kinds of rides. Conscience and love are like that. A roller coaster goes up to the top of the hill and then starts to go down, with everybody screaming and screaming together.

Sakhalin, a Dream of Ancient Times, and Earthquakes

The first barrier to be broken in meditation is time, because mind transcends time and space. How does that work in practice? Here’s an example from my own experience.

One night I was wondering where some of my ancestors came from a long, long, long time ago in the far distant past. So I asked the question in prayer before going to sleep, and just before I woke up in the morning, I had an amazing dream that showed me the far distant past.

The dream began with me looking at a big atlas (book of maps of the world, for those of you who didn’t know that, or forgot). First I was looking at the Azores at a specific latitude and longitude – the remnants of the sunken continent of Atlantis.

I flipped the page and was looking at Sakhalin north of Korea. As I looked at Sakhalin, I saw a bow and arrow and a man who looked like an Aboriginee from Australia – one of my presumed ancestors from the far distant past. I could also see that at that time Sakhalin had a tropical climate – there were tropical plants and big flowers.

As the dream ended and I was about to open my eyes to wake up, I was literally, vocally saying the word “Sakhalin,” which I had never heard of before. I got up and looked it up and discovered that in fact the dream was correct in showing me the map of Sakhalin, which is really today named “Sakhalin.”

That very day Sakhalin was featured in the news, because there had been an earthquake in Sakhalin. “What a coincidence!” I thought. Was there a causal relationship between  my question, the dream in response, from which I had awoken with the word, “Sakhalin” on my lips – that I had never previously heard of or known about, and the earthquake!?

Do questions and prayers about the distant past  . . . cause earthquakes?!