Did Jesus Physically or Spiritually Resurrect, or Both?

Jesus died on the cross, spent 40 hours – split over three days, approximately, in Hell, then appeared to his disciples in his “resurrected body,” taught for 40 days, appearing here and there, and then ascended into Heaven, promising to return soon.

What could possibly be the challenge then at his second coming that is indicated by the many words of Jesus on the matter?

Why do famous Christians, like Billy Graham, look up in the clouds in the sky everyday, thinking, “Maybe today is the day that Jesus is coming on the clouds?”

It’s because . . . they don’t understand, that it wasn’t the physical body of Jesus that resurrected, it was his spiritual body! 

The best way to understand this is to consider that there are two kinds of life and two kinds of death – spiritual and physical. This was indicated by Jesus on numerous occasions, especially when he told the man who asked to attend his father’s funeral to leave the dead to bury the dead.

Here’s a link where Billy Graham himself makes the same point about there being two kinds of life and death – spiritual and physical.


The kind of eternal life that Jesus taught us to attain through leading a Christian life is not an eternal physical life on the earth, but an eternal spiritual life – being in the realm of the love of God, by loving God with all our heart mind and soul and strength, and by loving our neighbor as ourselves, and by believing in Jesus.

Eternal physical life was not promised by Jesus, and Jesus himself died physically. His physical body was left behind on the earth. It was his spiritual body in which he appeared after the crucifixion. Jesus has also appeared to his devout disciples many times in the last 2000 years in the same same spiritual body. Yet none of these instances was The Second Coming of Christ.

What then is The Second Coming and how will it occur?

Famous evangelists like Billy Graham, might have to their own dismay, been living at the time of The Second Coming and unfortunately missed it, because of thinking that Jesus physically resurrected, that he has been waiting somewhere with his physical body, and that finally Jesus in his 2000 year old body, with the stab wound that doubting Thomas put his hand in, will return on the literal clouds up in the sky.

I can just hear Rev. Graham, great Christian that I’m sure he still is, saying “But, but, but . . .”

Read the chapter in Divine Principle about this to discover the clear explanation that God has revealed to people in our day and age.


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