History of WRIST Spirit World Machine

We do not have a working spirit world machine yet.

How then are we attempting to make it?

After being released from prison True Father visited WRIST at the East Sun Building in Long Island City, NY where he requested that WRIST make a spirit world machine. As homework to make the spirit world machine, True Father said to study how mediums do what they do.

In 1985 at the Leaders’ Conference that True Father held just after he was released from Danbury Prison, True Father talked about WRIST and explained that scientists are almost to the point of being able to prove the existence of the spirit world. He said that Dr. Jean Charon, who had attended our Science Conference and formulated the theory of Complex Relativity, was right in his belief that particles are half spiritual and half physical.

As we know, each human being is a mediator and center of harmony between the spirit world and the physical world. We have 5 spiritual senses and 5 physical senses that resonate with each other just like tuning forks. This is explained in the last section of The Principle of Creation, titled “The Invisible Substantial World And The Visible Substantial World Centering On Man.”

“Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.”[Divine Principle: Principle of Creation: Section 6, 1973]

Also The Principle of Creation discusses questions of external ignorance that science attempts to answer. The first such point of external ignorance regarding the physical reality of the natural world mentioned in the 1973 Divine Principle, is that it includes the human body.

The human body however is not just physical. Besides each particle being half spiritual and half physical, we have the fact that the human body consists of a spiritual body that is a microcosm of the spiritual world, and a physical body that is a microcosm of the physical world. These exchange elements with each other such that the spiritual body is able to grow in the soil of the physical body by receiving life elements from God as well as vitality elements from the physical body. Similarly the spirit body returns living spirit elements to the physical body to help maintain the health and well-being of the physical body.

True Father also said, while talking to WRIST members at East Garden in Tarrytown, NY in 1998 that the spirit world is just radio frequency or electromagnetism. True Father studied as an electrical engineer and so knows very well what he is talking about when he mentions electromagnetism. True Father also postulated his own theory of why lightning strikes and was planning to write his thesis about it, but didn’t get that opportunity as a young student. He mentioned his theory of lightning in speeches in the 1980’s. Briefly he asked, “How do so many electrons clump together in the clouds if they are supposed to be repelling each other all the time? The answer is that they don’t repel each other all the time. Like sisters who are not married, they have no problem being close to each other. But when there is a married electron and proton, this constitutes a higher dimensional harmony that is protected by the universe. If a single electron approaches to try and interfere with the the married electron, then the universe repels that single electron through the married electron.”

This theory has somewhat been proven by the investigation of what are known as “electron dots.” An electron dot is an electronic junction in which electrons can be input one at a time and taken out one at a time, up to 5000 electrons. They order themselves in quantum states as though they were around the nucleus of an atom. In this case it is said that the coulombic force of like particles repelling each other does not disappear, but that the quantum states take priority.

The Divine Principle states many places throughout that the new truth will unify the internal truth of religion with the external truth of science:

“What will be the mission of the new truth? Its mission will be to present the internal truth that religion has pursued and the external truth searched for by science under one unified theme. It should also seek to overcome both the internal and external ignorance of man and offer him internal and external knowledge.” [Divine Principle: Introduction, p10]

God in fact is the first scientist who created the world according to scientific principles that can be studied:

“When the scientific nature of the world is observed, it can be concluded that God, the Creator, is the very origin of science. If human history is God’s providence to restore the world to His original purpose of creation, it must be that God, Master of all laws, has manipulated providential history according to a plan and an order.” [Divine Principle: Introduction, p14]

What is that unified theme? It reveals the heart of God as Creator and True Parent, who created human beings in his image with two sets of dual characteristics: Sung Sang or mind, and Hyung Sang or Body, which each have Masculine and Feminine characteristics.

Considering that God and His Image are similar to Mind and Body, or Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, we can see that both sets are mentioned in Genesis 1:27 on the first page of the Bible:

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

This theme is presented in The Principle of Creation as the 4-position-foundation, which develops through three stages of the Indirect Dominion by the Autonomy of the Principle, and returns to One Body with God in the Direct Dominion of the Love of God, thus returning joy to God. This is known as the 4th stage and is why the number 4 separates Satan. Being one body with God means that God plus one is a majority and cannot, therefore, be invaded by Satan.

This is further expounded upon in Unification Thought as the theme of every individual-truth-body consisting of four 4-position-foundations: two (inner and outer) that are centered on heart, which does not develop, because the world of heavenly heart is already at the highest dimension and transcends time and space, and two (inner and outer) that are centered on God’s purpose of creation, which develops toward goodness in pursuit of the Three Great Blessings.

Unification Thought further explains that the results of the two stages centered on heart and the two stages centered on purpose perform give and take action and produce a result.

All potential and actual relationships that existed in the past, exist in the present, or will ever exist in the future are covered by this explanatory structure. The Divine Principle thus is a Big Theory of Everything, sometimes referred to as a Big TOE.

The numbers that are derived from the process of development of the 4-position-foundation are used in explaining the parallels of history regarding the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance that together make the Foundation to Receive the Messiah. Even in the Original World had there been no Fall of Man, all things would develop and exist based on the development of the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance, which taken together are like the Division Stage and the Union Stage of the 4-position-foundation. Returning to One-Body-With-God in the 4th stage is equivalent to returning to the Origin Stage of the 4-position-foundation.

Father has explained this finally as the formula of ilshim + ilshin = ilchai. This is another way of explaining how the structure of the First Great Blessing – to be Fruitful, combines with the Second Great Blessing – to Multiply. Ilshim refers to the One Unified Heart/Mind of the Husband and Wife during the Day.  Ilshin refers to the One Unified Body of Husband and Wife at Night. True Father then said that the combination of ilshim plus ilshin returns to One-Body-With-God in the Origin Stage and represents the meaning of ilchai.

The couple married with God’s Blessing who fulfills their portion of responsibility is the ultimate mediator between the spirit world and the physical world. This ultimately explains how mediums do what they do, the study of which is the homework to make the spirit world machine.

God has revealed elements of the 4-position-foundation in the symbolism of each major religion or cultural sphere to some degree. We see this by studying the mystical experiences of the major spiritual traditions, which provide proof that God exists and has been working to reveal the deepest truth throughout history in the dynamics of the 4-position-foundation.

Please study how the following diagrams show relate fundamental truths and symbols of the major religions with Father’s explanations of the three stage development of the 4-position-foundation.

Thank you for your attention.
Peter Nordquist,  NY WRIST 2018 July


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