Why Would Conscience Be Higher Than Love?

I had another thought about the included diagram related to Rev. Moon having said that between “Love” and “Conscience”, it is Conscience that is a little bit higher than Love. Why would that be, exactly?

The answer might be related to the following observation from Rev. Moon’s words in the speech [9/23/1979]”Men of God:”

“For God, life comes first because first He existed and then He expressed love. But for man, love comes first. Love was the origin of man.”

[My Reflection]
Since God existed in the environment of the highest realm of heart which does not develop (identity maintaining 2 stage process centered on heart), before creating anything, and before having matured or grown up, then the highest realm of heart which never changes as the environment provided a standard that God’s Conscience used to compare to and to navigate along the path or train track of the Principle – thus Conscience is similar to if not identical to “the Autonomy of the Principle” that guides spiritual growth during the growth period, or the Indirect Dominion Through the Autonomy of the Principle.

Conscience thus allowed God to grow up to become the Creator God who creates through the two-stage process of the Developing 4-Position-Foundations [Inner and Outer] centering on the Purpose of Creation, which is . . . Love – such that there could even be such a thing as the 4th Stage of returning to one body with God, also known as The Direct Dominion of the Love of God.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Parents’ Day Address
April 15, 1991
World Mission Center in New York City
Translator Dr. Bo Hi Pak

So there is God. Let’s say that God is almighty. If almighty God is thinking eternal lasting peace and happiness, He must have devised something other than those items. He must be thinking much more deeply about something that will not endanger or threaten human tranquility and life. What is the most precious thing in human history? Conscience is the most precious, because conscience is the origin of life. Centered upon conscience we can talk about love; and a new element of love comes in.

Throughout history, conscience is also connected to the lineage. Conscience is such a precious treasure for human lives. The conscience is invisible. You have life don’t you? (Yes!) Is it your life? Or whose life is it? (God’s) Universal life or your own private life, what do you think? (Universal). Your mind and body, especially your conscience, belongs to the universe; because it is coming from within the root in the universe it is sharing the root. You ask your conscience, “What kind of ancestor would you like to have? Would you like to have your own father and grandfather, or country or nation and tribe that kind of ancestor would you like to have? Or would like to have a universal ancestor?” Your conscience would respond, “Universal, absolutely. Why don’t I belong to the universe and a universal being?” …

Then what? What is number two then? I don’t know; I’m asking you. I want to hear your answer. What is number two? Number two is love. Conscience is number one, love is number two. The next most important element is love; but love and conscience are virtually one, because conscience exists in love and love exists in conscience. They are working together in one harmony, trying to be number one. Do you know how much love you need? Can you see love? Let me see your love. No one can see the love reality. Love action is a phenomenon. The essence of love cannot be seen; only love can be identified through the phenomenon. It appears through certain loving action. Through action, love can be manifested. …

We came to the conclusion therefore that the root of conscience is Almighty God and that conscience’s goal is love. Love will create all kinds of harmony, all kinds of beauty, all kinds of goodness, all kinds of happiness. Love is so flexible that it can turn and bring the front and rear into one, left and right into one, up and down into one, it’s almost like Disneyland. There is so much turning, riding, going in all kinds of directions with everybody riding in and enjoying the many different kinds of rides. Conscience and love are like that. A roller coaster goes up to the top of the hill and then starts to go down, with everybody screaming and screaming together.


Sakhalin, a Dream of Ancient Times, and Earthquakes

The first barrier to be broken in meditation is time, because mind transcends time and space. How does that work in practice? Here’s an example from my own experience.

One night I was wondering where some of my ancestors came from a long, long, long time ago in the far distant past. So I asked the question in prayer before going to sleep, and just before I woke up in the morning, I had an amazing dream that showed me the far distant past.

The dream began with me looking at a big atlas (book of maps of the world, for those of you who didn’t know that, or forgot). First I was looking at the Azores at a specific latitude and longitude – the remnants of the sunken continent of Atlantis.

I flipped the page and was looking at Sakhalin north of Korea. As I looked at Sakhalin, I saw a bow and arrow and a man who looked like an Aboriginee from Australia – one of my presumed ancestors from the far distant past. I could also see that at that time Sakhalin had a tropical climate – there were tropical plants and big flowers.

As the dream ended and I was about to open my eyes to wake up, I was literally, vocally saying the word “Sakhalin,” which I had never heard of before. I got up and looked it up and discovered that in fact the dream was correct in showing me the map of Sakhalin, which is really today named “Sakhalin.”

That very day Sakhalin was featured in the news, because there had been an earthquake in Sakhalin. “What a coincidence!” I thought. Was there a causal relationship between  my question, the dream in response, from which I had awoken with the word, “Sakhalin” on my lips – that I had never previously heard of or known about, and the earthquake!?

Do questions and prayers about the distant past  . . . cause earthquakes?!


Did Jesus Physically or Spiritually Resurrect, or Both?

Jesus died on the cross, spent 40 hours – split over three days, approximately, in Hell, then appeared to his disciples in his “resurrected body,” taught for 40 days, appearing here and there, and then ascended into Heaven, promising to return soon.

What could possibly be the challenge then at his second coming that is indicated by the many words of Jesus on the matter?

Why do famous Christians, like Billy Graham, look up in the clouds in the sky everyday, thinking, “Maybe today is the day that Jesus is coming on the clouds?”

It’s because . . . they don’t understand, that it wasn’t the physical body of Jesus that resurrected, it was his spiritual body! 

The best way to understand this is to consider that there are two kinds of life and two kinds of death – spiritual and physical. This was indicated by Jesus on numerous occasions, especially when he told the man who asked to attend his father’s funeral to leave the dead to bury the dead.

Here’s a link where Billy Graham himself makes the same point about there being two kinds of life and death – spiritual and physical.


The kind of eternal life that Jesus taught us to attain through leading a Christian life is not an eternal physical life on the earth, but an eternal spiritual life – being in the realm of the love of God, by loving God with all our heart mind and soul and strength, and by loving our neighbor as ourselves, and by believing in Jesus.

Eternal physical life was not promised by Jesus, and Jesus himself died physically. His physical body was left behind on the earth. It was his spiritual body in which he appeared after the crucifixion. Jesus has also appeared to his devout disciples many times in the last 2000 years in the same same spiritual body. Yet none of these instances was The Second Coming of Christ.

What then is The Second Coming and how will it occur?

Famous evangelists like Billy Graham, might have to their own dismay, been living at the time of The Second Coming and unfortunately missed it, because of thinking that Jesus physically resurrected, that he has been waiting somewhere with his physical body, and that finally Jesus in his 2000 year old body, with the stab wound that doubting Thomas put his hand in, will return on the literal clouds up in the sky.

I can just hear Rev. Graham, great Christian that I’m sure he still is, saying “But, but, but . . .”

Read the chapter in Divine Principle about this to discover the clear explanation that God has revealed to people in our day and age.


The variety of experiences is vast. Here’s one of mine:

The variety of experiences are vast. Here’s one of mine:

I was working in Los Angeles area going door to door all day, talking to people, canvasing neighborhoods. As I was doing so that particular day, I decided at the same time to concentrate on the following request to God, “God, I don’t think I understand your Universal Prime Force [variously named in different traditions] well enough. I need some experience that makes a difference to me, such that I can understand it better.”

In the evening I was waiting for my ride in a bar looking out the window where a short distance away was the corner that the van would arrive at. I decided to play a game of Pac-Man at the machine in the bar that faced such that I could play the game and also see out that window.

I rarely played this game and was not very good at it. Those who played it before know that after 10,000 points you get a bonus Pac-Man making a total of 4. Well the first game I lost all 4 after about 60,000 points. The same happened at the second game.

I put in the quarter for the third game and began playing, but then something happened. Suddenly I found myself coming back to consciousness, still standing there playing Pac-Man. The score was 160,000. I had not even lost one of the 4 Pac-Men. The yellow blob was zipping super fast around the maze, perfectly avoiding getting eaten by the blobs chasing it. My hand was moving automatically with no thought on my part.

But then as I realized what had happened and was still happening, I began to have to think to control my hand that was moving the lever controlling the Pac-Man. I quickly lost all 4 Pac-Men.

This is what had happened. God answered my prayer and showed me His/Her perfect Mind/Body unity and flawless control over Nature that even my human body is a part of. God can and does work through each and everyone of us all the time, above and beyond our current states of consciousness.

Each one of us is like the eye of the bubble floating on the surface of the ocean. The eye is usually looking up at the sky and is not paying attention to the surface of the Ocean, which is the Universal Prime Force or Mother Aspect of God. If the baby goes to sleep or closes its eyes for a minute, the Mother is still there.

History of WRIST Spirit World Machine

We do not have a working spirit world machine yet.

How then are we attempting to make it?

After being released from prison True Father visited WRIST at the East Sun Building in Long Island City, NY where he requested that WRIST make a spirit world machine. As homework to make the spirit world machine, True Father said to study how mediums do what they do.

In 1985 at the Leaders’ Conference that True Father held just after he was released from Danbury Prison, True Father talked about WRIST and explained that scientists are almost to the point of being able to prove the existence of the spirit world. He said that Dr. Jean Charon, who had attended our Science Conference and formulated the theory of Complex Relativity, was right in his belief that particles are half spiritual and half physical.

As we know, each human being is a mediator and center of harmony between the spirit world and the physical world. We have 5 spiritual senses and 5 physical senses that resonate with each other just like tuning forks. This is explained in the last section of The Principle of Creation, titled “The Invisible Substantial World And The Visible Substantial World Centering On Man.”

“Since all the spiritual phenomena thus perceived by the spirit man are reflected and echoed in the physical man, presenting themselves as physical phenomena, man finally comes to feel spiritual phenomena even with his five physical senses.”[Divine Principle: Principle of Creation: Section 6, 1973]

Also The Principle of Creation discusses questions of external ignorance that science attempts to answer. The first such point of external ignorance regarding the physical reality of the natural world mentioned in the 1973 Divine Principle, is that it includes the human body.

The human body however is not just physical. Besides each particle being half spiritual and half physical, we have the fact that the human body consists of a spiritual body that is a microcosm of the spiritual world, and a physical body that is a microcosm of the physical world. These exchange elements with each other such that the spiritual body is able to grow in the soil of the physical body by receiving life elements from God as well as vitality elements from the physical body. Similarly the spirit body returns living spirit elements to the physical body to help maintain the health and well-being of the physical body.

True Father also said, while talking to WRIST members at East Garden in Tarrytown, NY in 1998 that the spirit world is just radio frequency or electromagnetism. True Father studied as an electrical engineer and so knows very well what he is talking about when he mentions electromagnetism. True Father also postulated his own theory of why lightning strikes and was planning to write his thesis about it, but didn’t get that opportunity as a young student. He mentioned his theory of lightning in speeches in the 1980’s. Briefly he asked, “How do so many electrons clump together in the clouds if they are supposed to be repelling each other all the time? The answer is that they don’t repel each other all the time. Like sisters who are not married, they have no problem being close to each other. But when there is a married electron and proton, this constitutes a higher dimensional harmony that is protected by the universe. If a single electron approaches to try and interfere with the the married electron, then the universe repels that single electron through the married electron.”

This theory has somewhat been proven by the investigation of what are known as “electron dots.” An electron dot is an electronic junction in which electrons can be input one at a time and taken out one at a time, up to 5000 electrons. They order themselves in quantum states as though they were around the nucleus of an atom. In this case it is said that the coulombic force of like particles repelling each other does not disappear, but that the quantum states take priority.

The Divine Principle states many places throughout that the new truth will unify the internal truth of religion with the external truth of science:

“What will be the mission of the new truth? Its mission will be to present the internal truth that religion has pursued and the external truth searched for by science under one unified theme. It should also seek to overcome both the internal and external ignorance of man and offer him internal and external knowledge.” [Divine Principle: Introduction, p10]

God in fact is the first scientist who created the world according to scientific principles that can be studied:

“When the scientific nature of the world is observed, it can be concluded that God, the Creator, is the very origin of science. If human history is God’s providence to restore the world to His original purpose of creation, it must be that God, Master of all laws, has manipulated providential history according to a plan and an order.” [Divine Principle: Introduction, p14]

What is that unified theme? It reveals the heart of God as Creator and True Parent, who created human beings in his image with two sets of dual characteristics: Sung Sang or mind, and Hyung Sang or Body, which each have Masculine and Feminine characteristics.

Considering that God and His Image are similar to Mind and Body, or Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, we can see that both sets are mentioned in Genesis 1:27 on the first page of the Bible:

“So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

This theme is presented in The Principle of Creation as the 4-position-foundation, which develops through three stages of the Indirect Dominion by the Autonomy of the Principle, and returns to One Body with God in the Direct Dominion of the Love of God, thus returning joy to God. This is known as the 4th stage and is why the number 4 separates Satan. Being one body with God means that God plus one is a majority and cannot, therefore, be invaded by Satan.

This is further expounded upon in Unification Thought as the theme of every individual-truth-body consisting of four 4-position-foundations: two (inner and outer) that are centered on heart, which does not develop, because the world of heavenly heart is already at the highest dimension and transcends time and space, and two (inner and outer) that are centered on God’s purpose of creation, which develops toward goodness in pursuit of the Three Great Blessings.

Unification Thought further explains that the results of the two stages centered on heart and the two stages centered on purpose perform give and take action and produce a result.

All potential and actual relationships that existed in the past, exist in the present, or will ever exist in the future are covered by this explanatory structure. The Divine Principle thus is a Big Theory of Everything, sometimes referred to as a Big TOE.

The numbers that are derived from the process of development of the 4-position-foundation are used in explaining the parallels of history regarding the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance that together make the Foundation to Receive the Messiah. Even in the Original World had there been no Fall of Man, all things would develop and exist based on the development of the Foundation of Faith and the Foundation of Substance, which taken together are like the Division Stage and the Union Stage of the 4-position-foundation. Returning to One-Body-With-God in the 4th stage is equivalent to returning to the Origin Stage of the 4-position-foundation.

Father has explained this finally as the formula of ilshim + ilshin = ilchai. This is another way of explaining how the structure of the First Great Blessing – to be Fruitful, combines with the Second Great Blessing – to Multiply. Ilshim refers to the One Unified Heart/Mind of the Husband and Wife during the Day.  Ilshin refers to the One Unified Body of Husband and Wife at Night. True Father then said that the combination of ilshim plus ilshin returns to One-Body-With-God in the Origin Stage and represents the meaning of ilchai.

The couple married with God’s Blessing who fulfills their portion of responsibility is the ultimate mediator between the spirit world and the physical world. This ultimately explains how mediums do what they do, the study of which is the homework to make the spirit world machine.

God has revealed elements of the 4-position-foundation in the symbolism of each major religion or cultural sphere to some degree. We see this by studying the mystical experiences of the major spiritual traditions, which provide proof that God exists and has been working to reveal the deepest truth throughout history in the dynamics of the 4-position-foundation.

Please study how the following diagrams show relate fundamental truths and symbols of the major religions with Father’s explanations of the three stage development of the 4-position-foundation.

Thank you for your attention.
Peter Nordquist,  NY WRIST 2018 July


Flying Saucers, Aliens, the Messiah and Reincarnation

Having been 50 feet from a flying saucer that was descending on the top of the corner store in Glens Falls, NY at the edge of town by the Hudson River in about 1966 when I was 11 (the summer between 5th and 6th grade), I definitely believe in UFO’s. Thereafter, when they were in the area, they would visit me in my dreams sometimes.

I wanted to mention my understanding of a topic that I feel needs clarifying . . .

Reincarnation Versus the alternative but better understanding, which is “Returning Resurrection.”

Background: In the early part of the 20th century most American psychics did not believe in reincarnation, whereas those from Europe tended to, according to Hereward Carrington, spiritual investigator and author. Arthur Ford in fact split from the main spiritualist organization in America to form the Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship in 1956 over the issue of reincarnation versus no reincarnation.

If you are unfamiliar with the alternative theory of “returning resurrection,” John the Baptist as the Second Coming of Elijah is a good example. Jesus said that if you can accept it, John the Baptist is Elijah. He who has ears to hear let him hear.” Matt. 11: 14-15. Edgar Cayce – America’s Sleeping Prophet, didn’t originally believe in reincarnation, but decided to based on the messages revealed through him while he was sleeping. He even cited the example of John the Baptist as the reincarnation of Elijah, which I am using to show that there is no reincarnation.

Elijah had ascended into heaven in a whirlwind in a chariot of fire when he died – went to the spirit world. Malachi, the last book of the Christian arrangement of The Old Testament, predicts in Mal. 4:5-6 that Elijah will return before the advent of the Messiah.

5 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes. 6 He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction.”

When we study the events of the New Testament about the prophecy of the birth of John by the angel to John’s father, Zechariah, we see that it is predicted Luke 1:16 He will bring back many of the people of Israel to the Lord their God. 17 And he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous—to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

So the prophecy of the return of Elijah was fulfilled by John the Baptist being born with the same mission as Elijah. The spirit of Elijah returned to earth to work with John the Baptist from the time of his birth. This explains phenomena that people associate with the idea of reincarnation, but is different from the idea of reincarnation in that there are two people involved, each having his own spirit.

This can be seen on the Mount of Transfiguration where Jesus is seen by his three chief disciples talking to Moses and Elijah. Coming down the mountain, the disciples ask Jesus why the scribes say that Elijah must return.

Jesus explained the following in Matt 17: 10-13

10 The disciples asked him, “Why then do the teachers of the law say that Elijah must come first?”11 Jesus replied, “To be sure, Elijah comes and will restore all things.12 But I tell you, Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but have done to him everything they wished. In the same way the Son of Man is going to suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that he was talking to them about John the Baptist.

I might point out that John the Baptist failed his mission to follow Jesus as his first disciple, was going his own way and eventually got his head chopped off for interfering in the love affair of King Herod – Jesus didn’t tell him to do that! Elijah, in the spirit world already knew very well who Jesus was and was trying to work with John the Baptist to get the people to believe in Jesus as the Messiah. Even though John testified initially to Jesus as the Messiah, this was only during the baptism of Jesus when he was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thereafter when the Holy Spirit was working with Jesus as the central figure, John in his ordinary human understanding didn’t know who Jesus was as the Messiah and lost faith, which can be seen from his question to Jesus from prison, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another.”

We see the similar rebuttal of reincarnation in the 1929 book Thirty Years Among the Dead by Dr. Wickland in which Madame Blavatsky appears and explains that she is responsible to re-educate people who are trying to possess little children in their efforts to reincarnate, since it was she who introduced them to that concept. Here’s a link to the online book, if you haven’t read it already.


A consequence of believing in reincarnation that sometimes manifests is suicide. People become depressed and thinking that they want to escape this life and circumstances, and try again in another life as somebody else, sometimes kill themselves. If they knew that a person only lives once on the earth, they would never kill themselves no matter what.

Another possible consequence of believing in reincarnation is the idea that we are only here living our lives now on the earth, because we were bad in a previous life, or not good enough to escape from the supposed cycle of death and rebirth as is taught generally by Hinduism.

This idea demeans the value of God’s investing His whole creative energy to form the physical earth as the very place to realize the Ideal of Creation that He intended of Parent/Child relationship and the Family of God.

The angels (aliens) who existed before the creation of God’s Children on the earth are in the position of helpers, servants and messengers, who can only perfect their value by cooperating with God’s purpose for Adam and Eve to grow to perfection on the earth. This in particular is key to understanding the relation of people on the earth, who are God’s Children, to the angels and aliens as helpers, servants and messengers.

The Mission of the Messiah has to be accomplished first and at this date has already been accomplished by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and his wife Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon. The teaching in the Divine Principle is the key to speeding up “Disclosure.”

What is it that is so good about The Divine Principle taught by Rev. Sun Myung Moon? It is that it explains The Principle of Creation, The Fall of Man, The Mission of Jesus, The History of Restoration Through Indemnity and the Manner and Time of The Second Coming of Christ, and allows one to understand how God has been working throughout history and in the world today.


Original Nature: We Were Born This Way

But of course preceding purpose is the identity-maintaining two stage process centered on heart that does not develop because it is already at the highest dimension, transcendent of time and space. Development centered on the Purpose of Creation that originates in this Highest Dimensional Realm of Heart is the standard measure and definition of Goodness in our everyday world of experience. Sharing the Quality of the Root is Living-for- the-Sake-of-Others. It is the source of Living Water and of Divine Community. God alone is the Creator and True Parent of Humanity – we were born this way.

“Quality of the root sharing machines we are,” said Yoda.

Tree of Love, Life, Lineage and Conscience

Fifth Anniversary of Rev. Moon’s Passing: Testimony from the Work-A-Day-World North of Albany, NY

Labor Day I was trying to fix the second floor bathroom shower and tub fixtures: the handles had been a problem for years: the problem being they didn’t turn the water off to less than a drip for the shower head and a trickle for the tub faucet. Finding the shut off valves in the closet of my daughter’s room where they were sequestered behind a semi-secret panel along the baseboard triggered the hope that I, with little money, could fix the plumbing by myself, rather than hire a plumber.
I succeeded Monday to disassemble the four handles, revealing the small holes in the tiles of the wall with the valve stems and the 1 3/16” hex nuts that held them in place. When we first moved here 21 years ago, the prior owner – my older sister, had pointed out the problem that was pending even then of finding a special tool to unscrew the hex nuts. Fortunately I had procured after three exploratory trips to the hardware store a ¾” drive heavy duty socket that fit in the hole and grabbed the hex nut. The four inches of the valve stem protruding from the wall fit through the ¾” drive opening. My hopes for this $7 item were running high. I called it a day and went to bed.
Tuesday arrived, I got up at 5 A.M., went to work, returned, ate dinner, and welcomed my grandson of 5 and ½ years of age to stay overnight and the next morning attend his first day of kindergarten. I got him some dinner. Shortly my wife arrived home from NY City at about 8:30. She had been visiting her friend in NJ and updating her Japanese passport at the embassy in Manhattan. Right away she noted with dismay and disdain the seemingly sorry state of the shower. I told her it would be done soon.
Up till that point I had realized that the ¼” hole in one side of the socket would not allow enough torque applied with a screwdriver to unscrew the valve stem hex nuts – even if hit with a big hammer, yes I tried that. The socket was long enough and hefty enough to allow me to use the pipe wrench on it. This worked surprising well. The foot and a half long pipe wrench provided sufficient leverage to undo the hex nuts, allowing me to remove the four valve stem assemblies.
A moment of awe, dissolving years of traumatic turning of the shower and bathtub handles, swept over me – victory at last! A new age had dawned and I was alive to experience it. It was amazing. I am still even now as I write this overcome by the feeling of amazing victory at last! Certainly I have experienced the glory of the victor!
The valve stem assemblies were in various states of corrosion and disrepair. After examining and polishing off the corrosion, it became apparent why they had seized up and failed at stopping the dripping of the shower head and the trickle of the bathtub faucet. There was just enough time for one more trip to the hardware store, which closed at 10 P.M. I bought the packet containing an assortment of valve seat washers, gaskets and o-rings. On the way back I stopped at the grocery store to buy two boxes of tissues and some juice packets, as requested by my daughter and required by the kindergarten for each student.
Then to work, to work, to work, assembling, examining, strategizing how to make these old valve stem assemblies serve their original function of controlling the flow of water to the shower and bathtub without leaking water through the kitchen ceiling – or anything like that. Finally it was 1 A.M., then 2 A.M., and then 5 A.M. and I finished. Now it was time for morning study of sacred scriptures with my wife and son. I brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and went to work, wondering when the fact that I hadn’t gotten any sleep would kick in.
But surprisingly I wasn’t tired at all that day – Wednesday. I returned from work. Again my grandson stayed over. I tested the shower and tub repairs by turning on the water from the shut-off valves from inside my daughter’s closet and replaced the semi-secret panel sequestering them again. The repairs were good – no leaks, easy to turn on and off. Good! Finished!
My daughter had said that perhaps her nursing home workplace would need her only till 10 P.M. when she would pick up her son, but he called to check at 11 P.M. She told him that she had to work until 6 A.M. the next morning, so he went to sleep. And me? I had been up for 43 hours and finally, not exhausted at all, went to sleep.
After work today (Thursday) I was reminded of recently reading how Rev. Sun Myung Moon had said that he didn’t need to sleep or eat as ordinary people do, because he had trained himself to be serious about the Godly mission of saving the world and completing the unfinished mission of Jesus. Many times he didn’t sleep and always pushed himself to get no more than 3 hours of sleep, even as an old man.
The 5th anniversary of Rev. Moon’s passing into the spirit world (Seongwha Ceremony) and leaving his physical body behind, like the butterfly’s metamorphosis from the cocoon of the caterpillar, was celebrated around the world beginning at 8:30 PM (EST) Wednesday, Sept. 6 in Korea. It is believed by people in many countries that a person who has passed away can return to the earth on the day of their passing.
Conclusion: Could it be?! Yes, I think so! Rev. Moon whom we know as True Father (honorific title for Second Coming of Christ) was definitely here; he helped me fix my bathroom without sleeping and then work the next day without being tired!

A Message to Change the World Forever

Imagine that Jesus had lived to be 63 years old, gotten married, had children and that he and his wife had become grandparents. Wouldn’t he have said something like this to guide his children and grandchildren, and wouldn’t it be recorded for posterity in the Bible:
[Rev. Sun Myung Moon, “The Center Of Responsibility And Indemnity”, Jan 30, 1983]
All people need to have the absolute love of God. In order to be able to receive that love, you must create your foundation. Only with perfected men and women together can that be done. Let us compare men and women with wires which conduct electricity. Although one may be like a gold wire, with perfect conductivity, and the other like a copper wire with less conductivity, they can still share the electricity equally as long as the current is running. Therefore, if someone exclaims, “I am a gold wire and I don’t want to be connected to anyone else but another gold wire,” then he will be extinguished in the presence of a copper wire.
One’s first love is very, very important. Your first contact with love should be done with great care because that meeting is like 100% gold wires connecting with each other. A person’s first love is one of 100% conductance -it doesn’t matter whether the beloved is black. white or yellow-once you contact with each other, you make a spark of great power. Therefore, first love should be experienced very carefully.
Intense first love, done in a rightful and honorable way, comes together and creates a beautiful and powerful spark. The love of God will spark with that love and it becomes the best, most extraordinary spark in Heaven. The impact of that spark is so strong that it flattens you to the ground. Yet still you feel joyful, even knocked out on the ground, because of the impact of love.
When you are in a thunderstorm, with its lightning and thunder, you can look at the skies and say, “Oh, God is in love!” God’s love could be manifested in the form of a thunderstorm-the clashing of the sparks of universal love in the sky. After a very sunny, hot day it is common that a rainy, cloudy day will come soon because intense hot weather brings moisture.
The most intense age for a man and woman for love to spark between them is in their teens. At the peak of the teen years, a boy and girl can meet and find their fulfillment by matching with their “other half.” Once love joins two people together, the man actually occupies the woman’s area and the woman occupies the man’s area-they swap places, in a way. The woman goes into the man’s area to meet with him; the man goes into the woman’s area to meet with her. This motion creates a circling action.
When a man and woman are separate they cannot make this circling motion of love; they must be a part of a pair to create it. Their movement actually creates a spiral. During their teen years, men and women are supposed to meet with true love at their center. Thus by meeting with each other at that center, you are also meeting with God. This is the reason why teenagers are such poets, artists and musicians-they are attached to that true love center of their lives. They are in an “activated” state, with their antennae being wide open to the world. Their perceptions are very sharp. A young man in his teen years will feel that he cannot experience the world fully by himself; he is inevitably drawn to a young woman, and vice-versa. When the two people come together in the clash of love, they become like a new antenna together, with new perceptions. This is why teenagers have to be so careful with their love; it is very easy for boys and girls to make a mistake at that time, with such strong emotional urges.
Love should be consummated only with the approval of the parents, the nation, the universe and the approval of God. No one’s love is just a private experience. It is always a public thing, coming from the very center of the universe-God. It is passed on through the world, nation, society and then to the family and individual. It comes to the individual as a public item, so you should know how to be a proper custodian of this love. Love has to be publicly and righteously handled. However, America today has become a place where love is mishandled and degraded; it has become a place where love is tossed into the trash can and then people try to gain nourishment from that trash can love. Who created this trash can of love? Satan did.
The first spark of true love is so important and it should not be misused. Once that intense first spark is misused, it is impossible to completely unwind that mistake. Each person has the duty to preserve his pure first love until the time when it can spark for the sake of the universe and for God. Therefore you cannot behave in a casual way toward your love; that is the way an animal behaves. Love is noble and sacred; it is not vulgar or dirty, although the sacredness of love can be defiled into dirty love.
Why is it that your love can only come after your blessing? It is because God, through the blessing of the True Parents, bestows His blessing upon you which makes your love authentic, justified and public. It becomes God’s sacred love at that time because through your blessing your love is linked up with God through the world, the nation, the society and family. This connection is authentic and your individual love is no longer isolated. Anybody who tries to deny this and claim, “Love is just my private affair,” is wrong. Can you say that you created that person whom you love or that he or she is your “private property?” Did you create your own love? You cannot claim even your own love as your private property. Do you think that I am speaking falsehood? If you do, please come forward and explain how I am wrong. There is no greater logic than this. Love is sacred.
Sometimes a man will come home with a heavy heart, frustrated from his day. His wife should be there to lighten his heart with a smile. Likewise, when the husband finds that his wife is unhappy and discouraged for some reason, he should become like sunshine to her to help her out. This is the function of our art, songs and even our humor-to bring brightness into our lives.
Although I have been speaking about important things, I haven’t yet come near to the topic of today’s sermon!