Heartfulness Meditation Master Class

Had the dream one early morning that I had just attended Sunday Service at Belvedere in Tarrytown, NY, and decided to take a walk on the grounds behind Belvedere. As I walked I came to the house of a Blessed Couple Family and said hello and continued walking. Then I came to a very large field of green grass that was clear of trees, bushes, streams and rocks – just a vast clear green field. Far across the field on the other side was a caravan of elephants headed across the field and directly toward Belvedere.

Because I was unsure of who they were, I thought at first that maybe I should hide or take cover, but then a reassuring voice came from across the field, “There’s nothing to fear Peter. We know who you are.”

Then I continued on my way across the field and up into the mountains to visit the house of Lloyd Anderson, which I did. A few other things happened in the dream there.

[The caravan of elephants from my dream:]

The interesting thing is that shortly after having this dream I was contacted by my long time friend, Jim Metz in Boston, who explained that Kamlesh Patel was now in charge of Sahaj Marg Meditation as the president, and is making a more open door policy regarding outreach to promote God-centered meditation, which in fact is a type of raja yoga involving transmission of prana, or pranahuti.

The concept of pranahuti was further refined by Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur, who explained that actually it is transmission of the quality of Sat that rides on the prana, and further that Sat is the pure essence of God and of the infinite realm of heart that pre-exists the creation of the universe; it is the quality of the Root of God – the potential for True Love,True Life, True Lineage and True Conscience.

I consequently have been re-engaging with Kamlesh and the world wide community of Sahaj Marg preceptors and meditators and hope to foster and facilitate complete cooperation between Sahaj Marg and the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification.

Sahaj Marg is definitely a True Family Values organization. At last year’s event in Newark, NJ, Mr. Patel remarked on stage that the goal is to create the clean environment to welcome new souls into this world from the moment of conception.

This training is being presented as Heartfulness Meditation.

Compare the following quotes from Rev. Moon and Ram Chandra both addressing the significance of the Original Mind.

“When the primordial stir (kshobh) descended, it was identified as Original Mind. Furtherdown it became human mind. It is this mind alone that is the means of Realisation of God.”

Ram Chandra of Shajahanpur. (Complete Works of Ram Chandra Vol. 4, 2014)

“Why has Christianity been weakened? Christianity has a promise of eternal life, a profound covenant between God and man. Why then are young people like yourselves losing their vision and hope for Christianity? The first major reason is that people today do not clearly know that there is a spirit world.
. . .
In the Divine Principle there is a section in the Principle of Creation about the original or divine mind. That mind is the essence of each person, being the living soul which is eternally connected to God. It is through the original mind that people can be regenerated, to live the true value and purpose of life here on earth. Without the divine mind we have no means by which to make any relationships between ourselves, God, the spirit world and the physical world. Your divine mind functions in conjunction with your conscience. As it does your whole body will certainly have a purpose and direction. By working in obedience to your divine mind you will become one with God.”

Rev. Sun Myung Moon (The Spirit World and the Physical World)

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