A Message to Change the World Forever

Imagine that Jesus had lived to be 63 years old, gotten married, had children and that he and his wife had become grandparents. Wouldn’t he have said something like this to guide his children and grandchildren, and wouldn’t it be recorded for posterity in the Bible:
[Rev. Sun Myung Moon, “The Center Of Responsibility And Indemnity”, Jan 30, 1983]
All people need to have the absolute love of God. In order to be able to receive that love, you must create your foundation. Only with perfected men and women together can that be done. Let us compare men and women with wires which conduct electricity. Although one may be like a gold wire, with perfect conductivity, and the other like a copper wire with less conductivity, they can still share the electricity equally as long as the current is running. Therefore, if someone exclaims, “I am a gold wire and I don’t want to be connected to anyone else but another gold wire,” then he will be extinguished in the presence of a copper wire.
One’s first love is very, very important. Your first contact with love should be done with great care because that meeting is like 100% gold wires connecting with each other. A person’s first love is one of 100% conductance -it doesn’t matter whether the beloved is black. white or yellow-once you contact with each other, you make a spark of great power. Therefore, first love should be experienced very carefully.
Intense first love, done in a rightful and honorable way, comes together and creates a beautiful and powerful spark. The love of God will spark with that love and it becomes the best, most extraordinary spark in Heaven. The impact of that spark is so strong that it flattens you to the ground. Yet still you feel joyful, even knocked out on the ground, because of the impact of love.
When you are in a thunderstorm, with its lightning and thunder, you can look at the skies and say, “Oh, God is in love!” God’s love could be manifested in the form of a thunderstorm-the clashing of the sparks of universal love in the sky. After a very sunny, hot day it is common that a rainy, cloudy day will come soon because intense hot weather brings moisture.
The most intense age for a man and woman for love to spark between them is in their teens. At the peak of the teen years, a boy and girl can meet and find their fulfillment by matching with their “other half.” Once love joins two people together, the man actually occupies the woman’s area and the woman occupies the man’s area-they swap places, in a way. The woman goes into the man’s area to meet with him; the man goes into the woman’s area to meet with her. This motion creates a circling action.
When a man and woman are separate they cannot make this circling motion of love; they must be a part of a pair to create it. Their movement actually creates a spiral. During their teen years, men and women are supposed to meet with true love at their center. Thus by meeting with each other at that center, you are also meeting with God. This is the reason why teenagers are such poets, artists and musicians-they are attached to that true love center of their lives. They are in an “activated” state, with their antennae being wide open to the world. Their perceptions are very sharp. A young man in his teen years will feel that he cannot experience the world fully by himself; he is inevitably drawn to a young woman, and vice-versa. When the two people come together in the clash of love, they become like a new antenna together, with new perceptions. This is why teenagers have to be so careful with their love; it is very easy for boys and girls to make a mistake at that time, with such strong emotional urges.
Love should be consummated only with the approval of the parents, the nation, the universe and the approval of God. No one’s love is just a private experience. It is always a public thing, coming from the very center of the universe-God. It is passed on through the world, nation, society and then to the family and individual. It comes to the individual as a public item, so you should know how to be a proper custodian of this love. Love has to be publicly and righteously handled. However, America today has become a place where love is mishandled and degraded; it has become a place where love is tossed into the trash can and then people try to gain nourishment from that trash can love. Who created this trash can of love? Satan did.
The first spark of true love is so important and it should not be misused. Once that intense first spark is misused, it is impossible to completely unwind that mistake. Each person has the duty to preserve his pure first love until the time when it can spark for the sake of the universe and for God. Therefore you cannot behave in a casual way toward your love; that is the way an animal behaves. Love is noble and sacred; it is not vulgar or dirty, although the sacredness of love can be defiled into dirty love.
Why is it that your love can only come after your blessing? It is because God, through the blessing of the True Parents, bestows His blessing upon you which makes your love authentic, justified and public. It becomes God’s sacred love at that time because through your blessing your love is linked up with God through the world, the nation, the society and family. This connection is authentic and your individual love is no longer isolated. Anybody who tries to deny this and claim, “Love is just my private affair,” is wrong. Can you say that you created that person whom you love or that he or she is your “private property?” Did you create your own love? You cannot claim even your own love as your private property. Do you think that I am speaking falsehood? If you do, please come forward and explain how I am wrong. There is no greater logic than this. Love is sacred.
Sometimes a man will come home with a heavy heart, frustrated from his day. His wife should be there to lighten his heart with a smile. Likewise, when the husband finds that his wife is unhappy and discouraged for some reason, he should become like sunshine to her to help her out. This is the function of our art, songs and even our humor-to bring brightness into our lives.
Although I have been speaking about important things, I haven’t yet come near to the topic of today’s sermon!

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